Modality – Metatron’s Code – Demystifying and Upgrading Beliefs

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Marie’s journey started with her own desire to serve others and make a big impact on the world. Like everyone else, however, she had her own beliefs and health challenges to heal first!

From a lifetime habit of hypertension, she developed Adrenal Fatigue and Hypothyroidism that had crippled her health, life and freedom. Once she began her process of self-discovery, Marie developed tools to overcome her own “protection programs.”  Even though she was told she would be on medication for the rest of her life, she reversed her health conditions. Marie’s self- awareness and healing transformed her health and her life into one of freedom. Envisioning others being liberated through similar life transformations, Marie initiated Martin Coaching & Counselling!


Marie’s unique modality facilitates healing and demonstrates tools for you to learn how to heal yourself, to nurture your own independence and freedom. She creates peace around PTSD experiences and stills the emotions for clear thinking.   Her clients include people who have experienced abuse, trauma and those exposed to narcissism. Understanding the brain patterning of this type of abuse, she is able to help you change the automatic thinking that keeps you in survival mode.   Her non-judgemental approach makes her clients feel safe, allowing them to progress at their own pace of revelation and healing.

“I can work with you on your past events without needing to know what they are, with full non-disclosure.” – Marie Martin